Thursday, February 5, 2009

a quick easy valentine gift...

These are great for your grandies to carry around, easy for mom to keep them in her purse, fun for show & tell and bed time stories.

Have you got the supplies ready? Cut out a heart from the red or pink paper, and punch a hole on the edge somewhere. I doesnt matter what size heart, but if you are mailing, then take that into consideration.
Glue onto the heart a picture of someone your recipient knows.!! and who loves them. Glue one onto the back side too.
Attach them with a ring or piece of ribbon.
ready to mail...add names and a few comments if there is room. Laminating these is a great idea..!! Especially if they are going to toddlers. For sure they'll be chomped and thrown in the bathtub at some point.
Happy Valentines Day ......

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