Monday, December 29, 2008


Today Pop and I are Scottsdale Arizona for a few days 'off'' He is enjoying golf and I have bought a pile of things I need to read and also my sewing machine.!! Doing the same things but in a different location with no distractions.

Of course the grandies are never far from my mind, so a quick stop at the hotel gift shop to buy bandaids for Pop, also gave the opportunity to buy 3 postcards. One with a rattlesnake for 3yr old Lucas (his mum will love the Rattlesnake recipe I am sure..!!) and 2 with a variety of animals on for our 18mth old boys Zach and Elliott.

The words on the back are written in very large print with just a "Hi from Grammy and Pop...I wonder if we will see these animals when we go for a drive today" or "what sort of noise does this animal make?" or "can you find on the map where we are today."


note to self: make up a bunch of address labels for the grands to carry with us, plus stamps.


Jeff said...

Nice work Grammy.. you and Pop are missed back home in the O.C.

Jeff said...

Can you post movies from your new tech gadget on this blog?

Anonymous said...

Great 'new idea' Marg. I have told Josiah I need grand children so I can trial some of A. Marg's 'Grammy' tips. There are no rattle snakes in Seddon though so will have to stick to whales off the coast I guess.

Margaret said...

Oh Jeff of course... I will find a way. When I am trying to explain something I might just video the instructions.. I love it.