Wednesday, December 31, 2008

20 questions....

Today we are doing our favorite things: Pop playing golf and Grammy sewing.

I am finishing piecing a 4th of July quilt. Am I early or late? I'll go with early. I have a bunch of fabric scraps which I will throw into an envelope along with some questions for Lucas. eg. How many stars can you count, can you find the word 'liberty', what color are the stripes, which is your favorite fabric, can you find the blue dots on the red crosses....etc

This is 'educational' today. I could wait until July 4thish and send the fabric for the appropriate holiday, but I might forget and he will miss out on this wonderful opportunity to learn about stars and stripes, so I'll do it today.

Another option: find a picture in a magazine that would hold their interest. Send it with a few questions eg: how many animals, balls etc, what are they eating, which one has a funniest hat. If the children are older tap into their imagination.... what do you think is behind the tree, why do you think the boys are running from.

May 2009 be filled with building relationships...especially with grandies. You are such an important person in their lives.


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