Wednesday, January 21, 2009

your new friends...

Scales, stamps and packing supplies become your new best friends. For me, they need to be easily accessible and all in one place. Find out how much postage is for postcards, letters, flatrate envelopes and flat rate boxes. The last 2 items are available for free at a US post office and they can be used domestically or internationally.

If you have grandies in other countries, know the postage amounts and have a few stamps on hand.

I love I can print the stamps from my computer. If its a package, I print the label and then drive to the local post office. (Sometimes the mail van is in my neighborhood, and so I stop to give it to the mail man....saves stopping at the PO) If you have it all labeled you dont have to stand in line at my PO. Can you tell I try to avoid the PO? We have really nice workers at our Brea Post Office.

You can pack ALOT in the flat rate envelope, just as long as its under 4lbs and the envelope can be taped closed. ...! It only takes 2days to get places in the USA, and just a few more to get to other parts of the world. You wouldnt believe how much we squished into this Christmas package to New Zealand.

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