Wednesday, March 18, 2009

where good diggers go....

Pop and I were in Sedona AZ, after Christmas, and the road works were horrendous. But slow traffic means photo ops, and thats what I did. Our little boys would have thought they were in digger heaven if they had been with us. Digger heaven is where all the good diggers go by the way. I will print this picture on my home printer on regular paper in 8x10 size and write a little note on the sky, and pop it in the post. The boys are starting to know what getting mail/letters is all about, so I know that for a short minute they will have fun ripping open the envelope and looking at the picture. Maybe we can even talk about it more on the next phonecall..... oh and a few fun stickers or drawing on the outside of the envelope is a good thing too.

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