Wednesday, April 22, 2009

our sweet 13yrold goddaughter...

Kayla lives 25 minutes from us, but has such a busy social and school life that sometimes it feels a 'long distance' relationship. So I will share ideas about her also.

Recently she went to a church camp for the weekend. It was her first one, her best friend pulled out at the last minute, and so it was a stretch for her. I expected her to stay home...but good on her she went. Knowing that she would be ultra tired when she got home, and then straight back into school and dance, a phone call from me would have not been so welcome and the answers to anything I asked her, would have been grunty...are you with me??

I gave her Dad a card to put by her bed to read when she got home. Among other things, I asked questions and left a blank to fill in the answer. ie Are you glad you went to camp yes/no? My favorite part was ____________. My least favorite thing was ____________. (yes the answer WAS food)
I met a cute guy called ___________. I learn't that God ________________. etcetc.

I also included a stamped addressed envelope for her to pop it in the mail the next day or so. Easy dont you think? I did get it about 4 weeks later......after a reminder or two!!

But when I did get it in the mail, it was so lovely to receive and I will treasure it....keeping it with other things she has made or done for me, and one day we can laugh about the memories of her first camp.

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